Natural Bar Soaps for Every Skintype

Find the perfect soap bar here! Natural bar soaps for every skintype ensure you’ll find the right zero-waste product no matter what your skin loves!

In addition to salt soaps, our selection includes face and shaving soaps, as well as the bestselling Rhassoul & Salt Soap that is suitable for both the hair and body.  Check out our shampoo soap bar selection for hair products!

Flow Cosmetics soaps are designed to treat a variety of skin problems, and are created with years of experience and the help of customer feedback. In addition to their gentle washing power, our soaps are created with aromatherapeutic essential oils.

Our natural soap bars do not dry out the skin. On the contrary, when you choose the right soap for your skin, you will notice your skin staying soft and moisturised. Many soaps are designed to balance and deeply cleanse oily skin. The Flow Cosmetics soap bars are also ideal for travelling; you wash your face, body and hair with one and the same product. No fear of the soap leaking in your travel luggage!

Our soaps contain everything you need, but nothing extra. Organic soap is also an ecological option due to its packaging; the cardboard box can be recycled and no new plastic waste is generated.

Our recipe, developed over decades, ensures that Flow Cosmetics  soaps remain firm and do not soften and lose their shape. They are high-quality, organic and pure everyday luxury.