Flow Cosmetics facial oils and serums have been developed for even the most challenging skin types.

High-quality natural ingredients guarantee that our oils and serums are not only highly effective, but dense – a drop goes a long way!
Choosing the right facial oil for you skin type is a challenge. We recognize the various needs of different skin types, and have developed several different oils with just the right ingredients for each type.
All our facial oils absorb into the skin quickly, and do not clog pores!
The lightest oils give a silky feel: Our Lingonberry Bright Oil is perfect for all skin types from combination to very dry skin. Our Detox Oil is designed specifically for oily skin suffering from impurities and even acne. .
Our luscious, vitamin-rich Arctic Beauty Oil is the perfect solution for aging and dry skin. The oil serum softens and firms the skin with a unique mix of high-quality ingredients.
The Rosehip Intensive Treatment Oil is particularly effective for more challenging skin types. Our Argan Oil is a versatile oil that you can use on basically anything: face, body, cuticles, hair.
Suitable for every single type of skin, even the most sensitive types, our Hyaluron & Probiotics Serum brings added moisture and glow. Fading fine lines and smoothing the roughness of the skin, it’s no wonder the serum is one of our definite bestsellers!
Our latest newcomer, the AHA & BHA Peeling Serum is an renewing, brightening serum that effectively battles impurities.